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Since 1992, Fresh Creek Technologies has provided innovative Best Management Practice (BMP) products and services for the Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) markets. All of our netting systems capture and remove trash and floatables from Stormwater and CSO discharges using the natural energy of the flow to trap trash, floatables and solids in disposable mesh nets.

SiteSaver™ Systems provide four distinct operations in one complete system:

  1. Trash & floatables control
  2. Pathogenic microorganism disinfection
  3. Oils and grease removal
  4. Grit and sediment removal

Designed for immediate impact, built to last:

  • Each system provides immediate relief from floatable trash pollution - unlike major construction solutions which might take years to complete.
  • The simple, elegant design, with no moving parts, leaves nothing to wear out.

Pump Guard is an efficient net capture system. Its primary propose is to protect pumps, rotating equipment, disinfections systems or any other machinery from potential damage by removing debris from the waste stream.

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